Wild Flower Child is pretty flowers, our aesthetic inspired by nature, in our big city lives. It is also an idea, a goal to live a caring lifestyle, while enjoying design, sharing beauty, and joy. We harvest as many local flowers as possible, love meeting farmers, visiting their land, and using stems grown within 400 miles of the venue. Flowers are fresher! With less stress on the environment when only traveling from the dirt to the city in a Prius. And not covered in harmful chemicals.

Supporting our community, learning, and making friends along the way. I have recently relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I am going to be helping the team at Sanaview Farms grow flowers, and design for the lovely brides getting married right on the farm. Stay tuned to our Instagram and blog page for updates! 2018 is going to be a very exciting year!!

Thank You for visiting! May you also call yourself a wild flower child.